• Centre Esplai hostel

    Centre Esplai hostel

    Next to the aiport
  • Centre Esplai hostel

    Centre Esplai hostel

    Accomodation from 18€
  • Centre Esplai hostel

    Centre Esplai hostel

    Free of architectonic barriers
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The Hostel

Library, toy library and swimming pool.

Biblioteca con ordenadores y acceso a internet gratis
Ludoteca del albergue
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Habitaciones albergue barcelona


CENTRE ESPLAI Hostel has other common spaces at your service, such as:

  • Library: with a wide range of periodicals and books, as well as computers connected to the Internet (free).
  • Toy library: a space dedicated to the little ones. It allows children to play for a while.
  • Swimming pool: in summer time the building offers two chlorine-free swimming pools. The bigger one measures 20x8 m, the other one, for children, 4x8 m, with a spa area... 
Biblioteca Albergue barcelona
Piscina Albergue centre epslai barcelona
Pared cristal exterior Albergue barcelona con logo de esplai
Biblioteca Albergue barcelona
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