• Centre Esplai hostel

    Centre Esplai hostel

    Next to the aiport
  • Centre Esplai hostel

    Centre Esplai hostel

    Accomodation from 18€
  • Centre Esplai hostel

    Centre Esplai hostel

    Free of architectonic barriers
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CENTRE ESPLAI is an ecological lodge in a modern, innovating, sustainable and eloquent building, perfectly integrated in its environment. It is a newly built facility designed by the renowned architect Carlos Ferrater, author of The Conference Center of Catalonia and of the Intermodal Station Zaragoza – Delicias, among others. The building incorporates several measures to save energy and water which are estimated to reduce the CO2 emissions to a 50% through the year.

Besides the Hostel, CENTRE ESPLAI also houses the headquarters of the Fundació Catalana de l’Esplai. 

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